Saturday, 19 January 2008

SLAVES -please take note!

Today we have a little reminder for all those 'slaves' out there what wonderful therapy we are (and not just expensive eating and pooing machines as some dad's are heard to say).

When your day seems out of balance
and so many things go wrong
when people fight around you
and the day drags on so long

When parents act like children
in-laws make you think divorce
go out into your pasture
wrap your arms around your horse

His gentle breath enfolds you
as he watches with those eyes
he may not have a PHD
but he is oh so wise

His head rests on your shoulder
you embrace him good and tight
he put your world in balance
and makes it seem all right

Your tears will soon stop flowing
the tension is now eased
the garbage has been lifted
you ll be quiet and at peace

So when you need the balance
from circumstances in your day
the best therapy you can see
is out there chomping hay

(author unknown as borrowed this from a post on a forum because we like it)

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cassie said...

I will be showing this to my mum too